Mens Clothing

Shopping for men’s clothing online this holiday season? If you think shopping for women’s clothing is fun, then you might agree that shopping for men can also be the fun during the holiday season. Fortunately there are so many types of different styles and fashions for men that it makes one feel like a kid in a candy store with a pocketful of quarters!

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be exhausting and time consuming. Thankfully, with a few pointers, your time can be best spent shopping instead of researching. Here are a few men’s clothing items that are hot, hot, hot and always in style:

  • The Man’s Suit
  • The Sports Coat
  • The Sweater
  • Men’s Shoes


The Man’s Suit

A fashion staple for any man’s wardrobe, the suit is an item that has as many variations as there are men who wear them. The blue suit, that has a hint of sheen, has become quite popular over the years. And just to confirm, wearing many different shades of blue in the shirt, vest and tie is expected.

Sprouting up from decades past, the shiny suit hails from the decades of the Rat Pack, in a very retro fashion that never goes out of style. This style suit would be a welcomed gift for the business man, or executive who entertains clients after a long day at the office.


The Sport Coat

Not to be considered a mere accessory, the sport coat offers comfort as well as style. The easiest to pair with jeans and or slacks is the ever increasingly popular multitudes of plaid prints. Shadow plaids are easiest to pair with shirt and tie combos. The larger plaids can work, and are best tied together with a solid white shirt.


Men’s Sweaters

The most popular sweaters today are the striped knits. Not only are they considerably thinner than a regular sweater, they are very wearable in warmer weather. With electric colors and stripes of almost any width, this thinner styled sweater can easily be worn with any shirt and jacket. The chest stripe sweater is a good gift item because the stripe gives the illusion of a broad chest, which helps define the torso. This sporty, athletic type sweater is best worn with a really bold stripe.


Men’s Shoes

Despite the fact that suede is commonly thought of as a winter shoe, this year the colored two-tone shoe and stronger shape with more of a bumper toe can comfortably be worn with no socks at all, and with a stylish skinny suit or a relaxed pair of khakis.

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