Auto Accessories as Christmas Gifts

Looking for auto accessories gift ideas for the auto lover in your life? We’ve got some ideas for you! Auto accessories gifts can be both practical and extravagant, depending on how you go about it. Help out a friend by giving them something useful for their car, like a tropical air freshener or cool seat covers. Others might like personalized magnetic decals or a window tint set. And if you have a mechanic in your life, well, there are tools and equipment in this section that will surely bring a smile to his or her face.

When it comes to restoring or maintaining a vehicle, one thing is always necessary: a good repair manual. Having a good repair manual can save a mechanic hours of time and confusion. It shows you where to locate all systems in a vehicle, as well as gives tips on how to access and fix issues. For someone who is just starting an auto project, or who has recently purchased a new vehicle, a repair manual would be a great auto accessories gift.

Smaller auto accessories make great stocking stuffers too! A new set of wiper blades can help fill a stocking and bring safety to its recipient. A steering-wheel grip, car mats, bumper stickers, antenna accessories. Anyone with a vehicle will appreciate these small gifts.

Lastly, keep in mind there are thousands of bumper stickers and car decals, many of which are a great gift idea. You can browse these for hours. Categories include: humor, patriotic, sports, teacher stickers, religious, pop symbology, spiritual, animal lovers, etc. They don’t cost much, and you can find a bumper sticker for any personality. You can hang bumper stickers other places too, like an office or home. You can put them on the fridge or even frame a really good one.


Here are our five top picks for auto accessory gifts this Christmas:

  • Wax and polish do-it-yourself kit
  • Car Stereo (with or without installation)
  • Gift certificate for an oil change
  • Funny bumper stickers or decals
  • GPS Navigation system


Auto Accessories

One of the most neglected categories in the holiday present arena is accessories for one’s car. Commonly car care is a dreaded obligation met with significant amounts of resistance; however, out of love for our friends and family, your holiday present can forever change such a notion.

Perceived primarily as a maintenance item, automobile accessories aren’t often thought of as holiday gifts. But, by giving such gifts you eliminate the need for your recipient to take care such an item in the future: Which makes a wonderful holiday gift!

Here are just a few good reasons why a giving auto accessory makes such a wonderful holiday present:

  • Your gift will endure through time.
  • Your gift is something that the recipient will eventually have to purchase.
  • Your gift would ultimately be something the recipient might not purchase for themselves.


Defining a Need or a Want Item

Most all of us own a car as our primary form of transportation. Why not consider getting your loved one something they wouldn’t purchase for themselves as a gift? In the same breath, why not consider giving your loved ones an item for their vehicle they need?


  • Items that will ensure the vehicle operates well.
  • Items that will ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.

  • Something that will make the driver happy while driving.
  • An item that will make driving easier.


Needed Holiday Presents

Whether for a loved one or friend, often we are caught off guard by the various weather conditions throughout the year, especially over the holidays. If you live in an area prone to snow condition, a set of tire chains would be a welcomed present, as would an emergency break down kit, complete with flares, a tarp and rain gear.


Wanted Holiday Presents

Wanted holiday presents could include such things as new audio speakers, an in-dash Mp3 player, an upgraded CD/radio surround sound system, heated lamb’s wool seat covers, or floor mats.

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