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Harry-Potter-Kids-Quidditch-Helmet-from-Warner-Bros $29.95

Harry Potter Kids’ Quidditch Helmet from Warner Bros.

Harry Potter Kids’ Quidditch Helmet from Warner Bros.


This Christmas season, gear up to catch Golden Snitch with this Harry Potter Kids’ Quidditch Helmet from Warner Bros. What you will receive is exactly as it is shown in the pictures; a quality and a fun gift for everyone who loves Harry Potter on your Christmas shopping list. This is an inspired item from one of the best Harry Potter scenes. The Golden Snitch, or sometimes just simply called...

The-Hobbit-An-Unexpected-Journey-Lego-Board-Game-from-Warner-Bros $31.46

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Lego Board Game from Warner Bros.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Lego Board Game from Warner Bros.


For better or worse, Kids associate Holiday season with gifts. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Lego Board Game from Warner Bros. is an ideal gift for any child in your life. This is a memory game with a twist. This buildable memory game is specially made for two to four players. The main purpose of this game is all about finding the missing dwarves who have become lost in Hobbiton. You can do...

Remember back in the day wandering through massive toy stores, lost in the sheer magnitude of Christmas toys and games available? Every year, dozens of new toys and games go on sale. Then there are the classic board and card games that remain popular year after year. How are supposed to navigate through the thousands of toys and games on the market to find the perfect gift for a special child?

Here is a collection of toy and game websites that makes a shopping mall look like a corner store. No more endlessly searching through isles of Christmas toys for that specific action figure or Lego set, only to discover it has already been sold out. No more driving from store to store, standing in long checkout lines. With the click of a mouse, there are endless possibilities, all you need to do is find the right one.

We recommend that you dive right in and start looking online. Most websites that sell toys feature popular products on their homepages. Many will make gift idea suggestions to you based on what you’ve viewed so far. On other sites, you can narrow your search by age group and/or gender. The entire online shopping experience is designed to help make toy and game shopping simple and fun. After all, fun is what is all about!


Learning Games

Parents appreciate gifts that are both fun and educational. Use this opportunity to help a child grow and learn. No matter the age, games can be challenging and help us gain new skills. Here are some ideas:

Literacy skills:

  • Scrabble (or other alphabet/word board game)
  • Hand held electronic reader, such as Leapster or Tag Junior
  • Video games involving strategy and reading

Math skills:

  • Connect 4
  • Monopoly
  • Puzzles

Logic Skills:

  • Guess Who
  • Risk
  • Memory

Almost all games played with others help improve social and language skills. Playing games involves turn taking, communication and working together. These are great opportunities for growth for any child.


Games for Teens and Adults

Robo PongAdults enjoy games as well! Try giving a party board or trivia game this Christmas. You might get invited to play!

Many teens like strategy games, whether played on a board, with cards, or online. These kinds of games can keep players entertained for hours. Many video games can be played with multiple players, so they have the capability of being played solely or with friends.

Keep in mind, while searching for video games, the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) rating of the game. The title doesn’t always give an accurate description of the gameplay. Check out reviews and watch gameplay previews on YouTube before getting a game for a younger teens. That said, there are loads of games that are fun and appropriate for all ages.


Family Game Night

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to get the family together, but it’s a good time to start. Start a family game night tradition, and keep it going all year long. Board games are fun to play any time, which is why they make great gift ideas. A new game can symbolize a new tradition in your family, which makes it a meaningful Christmas gift.

Start off with a family dinner, which can be made together or beforehand. Or order takeout from your favorite local restaurant so no one has to cook. Clean up is a breeze if you use paper plates or casual plastic ware. Even the kids can help wash.

Choose a game that everyone can participate in. For example, if you have a Kindergartner in your midst, don’t play a game that will go over their heads. In some cases, you can team up, allowing older kids to help the younger ones. Read descriptions and game instructions before buying so you know what the game entails.

Switch your game every so often. You don’t want family game night to loose its appeal by being boring or mundane. Try collecting several appropriate choices, so that your family can decide what they’re in the mood for when the big day comes. When all family members enjoy game night, it’s a success.


Game Night for Grown-Ups

Get your grown-up friends together and host a game night. Serve drinks and snacks. Make sure to provide a fun game. There is a whole industry catering to game nights, so there are hundreds of games to choose from. Some games are played in groups, teams or couples. We’ve heard of some fun games that put men and women against each other in a battle of the sexes!

Board games for adults generally include trivia, drawing, acting things out, guessing words, describing words, asking questions and solving puzzles. Some are more serious, and some downright inappropriate. Give one of these games as a Christmas gift this year and encourage someone else to host the party.

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