Clothes for Teens

No longer is clothing a Christmas gift dreaded by teenagers. When shopping for clothes for the teen on your list, you can never be too careful in selecting the proper clothes, but cool clothes are easy to spot and purchase for the loved one on your list. Since teenagers are so picky about their wardrobe, it’s important to remember these helpful hints and tips to make certain your gift is a welcomed holiday present.

Popular Christmas gift for teenagers include:

  • Shoes
  • Jackets
  • Jeans
  • Tee Shirts
  • Dresses



Sneakers are a must-have item for any teen wardrobe. A good reliable brand, Keds, has teamed up with American Rag (Macy’s) to create four limited-edition sneakers that for all teen fashionistas. Popular pairs are the glitzy glittered as well as the wild animal-printed option (zebra, leopard). However, the lace-less sneakers make a good alternative to flats that can easily be paired with a sundress or with a pair of skinny jeans and a tee for the casual-chic teenager.

Style conscious teenage boys always seem to know that Converse high-tops are in style and have a major ‘cool’ factor when dressed up or dressed down.



Jackets have as much weight in a wardrobe as shoes. Not only do jackets offer warmth and comfort, but style, and fashion-sense is key too. For teen girls, long knit are in style; sleeveless or long-sleeved. The beauty of the sweater jacket is that it comes in various weights; a critical element in selecting a sweater or jacket. For cold weather, long, thick coats are ideal to provide a defense from the elements while getting to and from school or the big game. Lighter-weight jackets, such as windbreakers or water-resistant jackets are ideal for the teen boy on your holiday list.



With many people wearing jeans below their hips (both boys and girls) it’s important to realize that for the teenager, it’s all about style. There are a couple of elements that make buying jeans a snap.

  • The lower the waist lines, the better the jeans.
  • How the leg is cut matters. Depending upon preference, straight-legged jeans are the rage now… but that changes yearly it seems. There is also a boot cut jean (jeans that can be worn over boots) as well as wide legged jeans and the ever popular bell bottomed jeans.


Tee Shirts

At first glance this article of clothing would seem like a no-brainer. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In addition to color and size one must also consider such things as ‘fit’, collar, lengths, sleeves and vents as well as displayed artwork or words.

The simple white tee shirt has been replaced with the collared, sleeveless, long tee shirt, worn with as many as three tank-top camisoles (for girls) and a tank top like undershirt (for boys). As well, with fashion evolving, there are now things known as ‘bat sleeves’ which are a draping sleeve to a flowing top. This style of shirt does well for the large teenager as they tend to conceal one’s weight. For the teenage boy, shirts that are extra long tend to go over well.



For the young lady on your holiday shopping list, dresses are the perfect gift to affirm femininity. Popular styles vary; long dresses have made a resurgence in the marketplace recently. Not only stylish, dresses are a perfect gift for the young woman who is a bit shy and self-conscious when it comes to dresses.

No other holiday gift will be more loved, more worn than the perfect article of clothing to finish off the well-groomed teenager. Even if their eyes roll when they open their present…. Hey, they’re teenagers!

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