Gourmet Gift Baskets

Christmas gifts are easy to find in this directory. If you want to send the best, send a Gourmet gift basket. These gift ideas may seem complicated, but they’re quite simple to shop for. In fact, all you have to do is browse, click and purchase. A gorgeous gourmet basket will be delivered to your recipient with a personalized message from you.

You don’t have to wait in line this Christmas, trying to grab the perfect goodies for a gift basket. Our sponsored sites have that all worked out for you. Gourmet Christmas gift baskets are easier than ever!


What Makes Something “Gourmet”?

Gourmet traditionally refers to fine foods that have extensive preparation and include extraordinary tastes, flavors or ingredients. Put simply, “gourmet foods” are those which have had special time and consideration put into them, which is intended to result in a high-quality taste experience. Therefore, if you want to send the “best”, then you send gourmet.

Here are some unusual Gourmet gift baskets to the Christmas shopping juices flowing:

Gourmet Baskets by State or Region

An entire gift basket filled with gourmet treats and hand-crafted goods from your state—is it possible? Of course! Send a “Made in Oregon” or “Texan Treat” basket filled with snacks, goods and wares only created in that state. For someone who has moved away from their home, a gift basket from their home state will bring back memories.

Gift Baskets For Health

It’s true, many gift baskets include chocolates, candies and succulent treats. If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for a health nut, or someone who’s trying to lose a few pounds, consider a Healthy Gift Basket. Some even include vitamins, work out dvds, yoga mats, etc.

Coffee & Tea Baskets

Coffee and tea drinkers tend to appreciate anything associated with their beloved beverage. Send the best coffees and teas from around the world, paired with hand-crafted or stylish mugs, and you’re set. (See the Coffee and Tea sections of our Food gift idea directory)

BBQ Baskets

Does the man in your life love to grill? Send him a gourmet barbeque basket including specialized spices, sauces and snacks. Some BBQ baskets include wearable gear like aprons and chef hats.

Wine Baskets

Wine is an incredibly popular gift basket theme idea. Easy to find, classy and always well-received, wine baskets come in all shapes and sizes. For an individual or couple, include one bottle of wine and one to two glasses. For a larger gift, include two to three bottles of wine and several gourmet treats such as cheeses, crackers or fruit. (See the Wine section of our Food gift idea directory)

New Years Basket

Once Christmas is over, New Years is right around the corner. A New Years gift basket may include gourmet treats, champagne, flutes and/or party poppers.

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