Goodie Gift Baskets

Goodie Gift Baskets as Christmas Gifts

What is a Goodie Basket? Well, it’s exactly how it sounds- a gift basket filled with “goodies”. Goodie baskets come in all shapes and sizes; made for people of all ages and interests. This section of our gift directory is dedicated especially to Goodie Basket Christmas gifts, and we hope you find what you’re looking for.

Here are some of our all-time favorite goodie gift basket gift ideas and some idea about what they may come with:

Baby Gift Baskets

Typically stocked with baby necessities like diapers, bottles, teething rings, soft toys, blankets, an outfit, baby wash/soap and/or a beginning board book. Many baby goodie baskets are gender specific, so be sure to select the right one for your recipient. If the gender is a surprise, or you simply cannot remember, then go for a unisex baby basket.

Movie Goodie Baskets

Popcorn, candy and a good movie are all you need to make this gift idea a success! Go with a larger basket for a family (you don’t want them fighting over who gets the popcorn), or a smaller basket for an individual or couple.

Spa Gift Baskets

Just as it sounds—a spa day at home! Again, you can go small or go big with a spa goodie basket. Be sure to include at least a few of these staple additions: manicure or pedicure set, bubble bath, scented lotions or oils, a natural loofah or sponge, candles and a bathrobe or towel.

Gardener’s Goodie Gifts

These may include anything garden or plant related. Most are sure to include gardening gloves, seeds, simple hand tools, a “How To” guide or other useful gardening resource. You can even skip the basket part, and have your goodies delivered in a handy gardening tool belt or hand-held bag for working with.

Sports Gift Baskets

There are goodies for every sport and sport interest. Here are just a few: golf, football, tennis, baseball and fishing. Many sports gift baskets include simple gear like gloves, balls, sunscreen, etc. Many sports-related gift basket ideas are especially for game day viewing—and they tend to include snacks and team memorabilia instead of hands-on sports supplies.

Hunting Goodie Baskets

When you think of hunting gift ideas, goodie baskets may not immediately pop to mind. However, this is one of the best ways to cover all hunting bases and be sure to give a gift that your loved one will appreciate. A typical hunting goodie basket may include survival tools like compasses, star readers, GPS systems, animal scent sprays, gloves, camouflage gear and/or other useful equipment.

Vacation Goodie Baskets

Is someone you know going on a trip or vacation this year? Even if their travel is months away, they’ll appreciate a vacation related Christmas gift. Give a goodie basket including things related to their destination. For example, if they’re going to Europe, give a selection of European treats, a travel guide and/or a translation dictionary. If they’re going somewhere tropical, include summer gift ideas like towels, sunscreen, a beach umbrella and a good book.

We hope we’ve given you some helpful ideas for Christmas gifts. Goodie Gift Baskets can be as creative and expressive as you desire—there is no limit or restriction as to what you can include!

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