Drinking tea is a treasured experience in many cultures. This is why tea has its own section in our Food Gift directory. As far as Christmas gift ideas go, tea gifts are classy, respectful, and often have health benefits for drinkers. Tea gifts are appropriate for both business and personal relationships. You can give large or small tea gifts, make it a versatile option.


Tea Gift Ideas

Include grace and beauty in your tea gift idea; honor the customs which are associated with it by including some of the following ideas:

  • Books—”How To” guides, Tea Encyclopedias, “Teas from Around the World” books, etc.
  • Foods—Many tea traditions include a snack or two. Include cultural treats or other yummy food gift ideas.
  • Tea Making Accessories—Tea making is an art, and it has its own materials and supplies. Consider giving materials to make make tea at home, such as straining tools and/or tea spoons.
  • Tea Sets or Dishes—Tea feels more formal with themed or matching dishes. Choose a style that will fit the recipient’s personality, whether it’s romantic, modern or retro chic.
  • Tea Ceremony Sets—Help a friend learn the customs of an international tea ceremony. Many kits include dishes, teas, directions and tips.
  • Kettles—A good kettle is priceless. Include this in your tea gift idea and you know you have a winner!


Cultural Christmas Gifts

Many teas you find online are grown internationally. A variety of climates and soils produce a variety of plants for you to choose from. There are thousands of varieties and flavors. Some entice you with spice, some sooth with floral or citrus flavors. A good cup of tea can transport you across the globe in spirit.

There is more to tea than its remarkable flavor. Throughout the ages, tea has been considered social, medicinal and even spiritual, to those who drink it. Tea services and traditions run back thousands of years. Japan, Korea, China, the United Kingdom and India all have definitive tea cultures.

Tea has been used to make friends, resolve disputes and to spend quality social time with family. You can get to know someone over a cup of tea. Tea time is like a free pass to sit, relax and enjoy the company of others. This fact alone makes tea a remarkable Christmas Gift idea. By giving a tea gift, you’ll inspire your recipient to slow down and enjoy life, even if just for a moment or two.


Caffeine or No Caffeine?

Many tea products include caffeine. Black, white, and green teas naturally include varying amounts of caffeine. Keep this in mind when selecting tea gifts. Some foods that come with tea gifts can include caffeine as well, so keep an eye out for that as well.

If you’re looking for caffeine-free Christmas gifts, try teas for relaxation, meditation, nighttime or digestion. Many flavors of tea are labeled “caffeine free”, which is a helpful sign. Obviously, drinks that are associated with energy are not typically caffeine free.


Tea Gifts are Winning Gifts

All in all, you can’t go wrong with tea gift ideas. Paired with foods or accessories, tea is the building block for some great Christmas gifts. Check out our Home gifts directory to find tea gifts for the kitchen.

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