Meat & Sausage

When considering giving the gift of food as a holiday gift for that friend or colleague on your holiday shopping list, the idea of a meat and cheese gift cannot be overlooked.

In addition to the traditional gift baskets that are easy to order and are chock full of delicious meats and cheeses as well as crackers and even wine, there are a number of great options as well such as:

  • Select meats from Hickory Farms
  • Sea Food
  • Exotic meats such as buffalo, ostrich or alligator

If you grew up near a shopping mall you can remember the pleasurable tasty treats you always got when you walked by the Hickory Farms stores! Those tasty samples certainly made mouths water! Why not, as a special treat for someone special, give the delicious summer sausages with cheese and crackers? The best part about giving this as a gift is it will be eaten and appreciated, no doubt about it!



Is there someone on your list who doesn’t have access to fresh fish or seafood? Well, what a treat it would be for a seafood lover in Nebraska, to have arrived in the mail, a couple of blue crabs from Maryland! For just about any kind of seafood or fish you can think of, there is a company that, for a fee, will ship to your friends or loved ones. This makes the perfect gift for the seafood lover on your list that might not ever get to Maryland for that Blue Crab dinner. Lobster is another popular seafood entrée that is shipped all over the world.


Meat of the Month Clubs

Sure to impress the non-vegetarian on your holiday list, the Meat of the Month Clubs are a unique gift that is appreciated all year long. With a wide variety of meats from steaks, to chicken, venison, lamb, buffalo and even ostrich, these clubs are competitive in their pricing to compete with local markets. As well, this is a cost effective way for one to try various kinds of meats. Most companies deliver on a regular schedule and provide recipes or even cooking ideas.

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