Coffee Gifts

Coffee Lovers Unite!

If you have a java lover in your home, workplace or community, you’ve found the right gift directory! There are hundreds of coffee gift ideas here, ready to be wrapped and delivered to the recipient of your choice. Coffee and coffee accessories are welcome Christmas gifts and they’ll get their fair share of use.

Coffee gifts are suitable for many gift-giving situations. Here are some of our favorite coffee gift ideas, and who they’re appropriate for:

Coffee Gift:

Who it’s for:

Single coffee mug with individual serving of espresso beans

  • Don’t forget the biscotti!
  • Co-worker, colleague or boss.
  • Teacher or Professor
  • An acquaintance or friend

Coffee Gift Basket

  • They come in a variety of sizes and are often paired with mugs, snacks, syrups or flavors.
  • Corporate gift
  • Gift for family household to share
  • Personal gift for a coffee lover

Coffee clothing, gag gifts or gear.

  • T-shirts, mugs, plaques, wall hangings, decorations, etc.
  • Any coffee lover with a sense of humor!

Coffee Travel Mug

  • Personalize with photos an inscription.
  • Choose a pattern, style or decoration that fits the recipient’s interests or style.
  • Co-worker, acquaintance or friend
  • Stocking Stuffer!
  • Anyone who commutes to work or school (it can hold other hot drinks too)

Home Espresso Machine

  • Go the extra mile and add coffee syrups or flavors, steaming cans, travel thermoses, straws and/or stirrers.
  • Parent, grandparent or family member.
  • Partner or spouse.
  • Any coffee lover who is looking to save time or money by making high-quality coffee at home.

Antique & Vintage Coffee Items
  • Grandparent, parent or family member.
  • Anyone interested in antiques and/or coffee memorabilia.
  • A true coffee lover.


Coffee Gift of the Month Club

Want to win Best Christmas Gift Idea award? You’ll get your recognition when you give a Coffee Gift of the Month.
What is a Gift of the Month Club? We thought you’d never ask! In short, your recipient will receive a new gift every month, all based in the gift category you’ve chosen. There are Gift of the Month Clubs for all kinds of things: gourmet foods, drinks, body care products, clothing, cigars, you name it.

Many Gift of the Month clubs offer a variety of time frames and delivery schedules for customers. You can choose from as few as 3 months worth of coffee gifts, up to a year or more. In some cases, you can choose for gifts to be delivered every month, or every other month, making this a customizable gift for anyone.

Check out our Gift of the Month Clubs section to see an awesome selection of Christmas Gift ideas. Coffee gifts are just one of the great gift ideas in this directory.

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