Chocolates Gifts

Want to go the traditional route for your Christmas gifts? Go with chocolate and you’ll be able to please any generation with this time-honored gift. You can make it romantic by pairing it with a robe a slippers, or even a sweet stuff animal. It can also be simple and friendly, something to offer a colleague (as long as you don’t get the heart-shaped box). Even kids love chocolate – give them a fun Christmas-shaped chocolate gift and pair it with a DVD of a classic Christmas movie!


Go big or go small. Chocolates make great stocking stuffers! Buy small boxes for extra treats on Christmas Day. Assortments come in all shapes and sizes, to fit any size stocking. They can even include a sample of nuts, toffees, liqueurs, fruit and cream fillings. Santa is sure to please everyone with this Christmas stocking stuffer.


Christmas Gift Idea—Keep a few extra chocolate boxes around as emergency gifts. You know the moment. It happens at least once every holiday season (more than once if it’s a particularly bad year). You’ve forgotten a gift for someone! Perhaps an unexpected visitor showed up, or a family member you didn’t think would make it suddenly shows up?

What are you going to do? You’ve worked so hard getting the perfect gift for everyone—you don’t want to blow it by admitting you overlooked someone. You can’t re-gift in front of the whole family; you’ll surely be caught!


Before the panic attack sets in, take a deep breath. You could be prepared for this. If you do nothing, you’ll leave your future self no solution but to head to the nearest convenience store to and grab some cheap present at the last minute. Instead—get a few boxes of high quality chocolates, and store them in your pantry, cabinet or garage. They’ll be there when you need them, and all you have to do is grab and go!


The best part is—you can give two or more at the same time and no one will be offended. Everyone loves having their own box of chocolates (this is true of most food gifts). No one will question the repeat gift. Problem solved.


Chocolates are the perfect hostess gift idea. Going to a party? Don’t show up empty handed. Pre-order a few boxes online ahead of time, and grab one on the way out the door. You’ll save money by being prepared, and they’ll never get old.


Men like chocolates too. Don’t let the media fool you, men like chocolates just as much as women. While they may not crave it, males will surely appreciate a chocolate Christmas gift. Just another example of how this traditional gift idea works for everyone.


So Many Types of Chocolates!


Dark Chocolate has little or no milk added to it. Many scientists claim dark chocolate contains powerful antioxidants which may have long-term health benefits. This makes dark chocolate it the “healthiest” chocolate Christmas gift in our directory.


White Chocolate is made with cocoa butter, but no other parts of the cocoa bean. We’ll let you in on a little secret—white chocolate isn’t actually chocolate. Shhhh! Don’t tell. We love it just the same. White chocolate is considered an exotic food, and adds luxury to any chocolate gift.


Milk Chocolate has condensed, powdered or liquid milk added to it. Different milk additives and amounts alter the flavor and color of milk chocolate. Be sure to read food labels to find the exact ratio of milk to cocoa.


Baking Chocolate is not a traditional Christmas gift idea. While the avid baker may appreciate this extravagant ingredient, baking chocolate will not satisfy the average sweet-tooth. Namely, because it is usually bitter and always unsweetened. So don’t make this mistake!

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