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Delicious! You’ve found one of the yummiest sections in our Christmas gift directory. If you are looking for a gift for the sweet tooth in your family, office or community, you’re in the right place. Our cakes and pies can be ordered from all over the world, and they’re made with a huge selection of ingredients and flavors. There’s no need to run around town, picking up supplies and getting your kitchen all dirty. Order from one of our professional cake or pie suppliers, and have your selection delivered! Christmas gifts couldn’t be easier with these gift ideas.

Here are some food ideas to get your stomach in the mood for Christmas Gift shopping:



  • Chocolate 7-layer Cake—No matter whether there are seven, two or ten layers, it’s cake is the perfect gift idea for the chocolate lover.
  • Cheesecake—Cheesecake is the chameleon of cakes. Available in several delicious flavors: chocolate, strawberry, pecan, pumpkin, raspberry, lemon and many more.
  • Cupcakes—Don’t overlook these delectable cake morsels. Easy to share, easy to clean up. And there are no utensils required.
  • Rocky Road Cake—Yes, you read correctly. This is a delicious spin on the popular ice cream flavor. It’s a winner.
  • Angel Cake—Light and fluffy, this is a great alternative to a heavy, richer type cake. Add fruit or filling to the mix and you’re in for a real treat.



An American standard, pies have found their way into our hearts and homes. Christmas isn’t complete without one of the following:

  • Pumpkin Pie—Don’t feel like making one this year? Order from a professional bakery and have it delivered!
  • Pecan Pie—A holiday standard, this nutty treat is worth every penny.
  • Apple Pie—Don’t let this simple pie fool you. Between the hundreds of apple variations and ingredient options, there is no longer an “ordinary” apple pie.
  • Citrus Pies—Key Lime and Lemon Tart pies are a fantastic addition to any Christmas meal or gift idea. Great gift idea!
  • Can’t decide on a pie?—Send a mini pie feast. Your loved one will receive several small, individual sized pies in different holiday flavors. You’ll fulfill all your Christmas gift ideas in one shot.


High Quality Ingredients

If you’re feeling motivated to bake your own cake or pie this Christmas, then let us help you find high quality ingredients for your endeavor. We have suppliers in this directory who specialize in baking ingredients that are hard to find at typical grocery stores. Save time by having ingredients delivered to your home.

Your family and friends will appreciate the time you’ve put into their Christmas gifts. When they take those first bites, they’ll be able to tell you went the extra mile.

Cakes and pies are traditional, well-received Christmas gift ideas. Now all you have to do is select your flavors and ingredients. Yum!

There are more delicious food choices right around the corner, in our Food gift directory.

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