Desk Accessories

Not everyone who has a job has a desk; but that doesn’t mean you can’t browse desk accessory items; you will find some of the best Christmas presents around in this category.

Such gifts aren’t often thought of as presents, but more often than not, they are very much enjoyed as well as appreciated.

Good Gift Items?

While most desk accessories aren’t gender specific, there are, in fact, gifts that that are better suited for women than men. Here is a list of some non-gender specific gifts that would work well as holiday gifts:

  • Desk Pad
  • Pencil Cup Holder
  • Drawer Organizer
  • Unique Paper Weight
  • Business Card Holder
  • Desk Clock

Gender Specific Presents

The beauty of giving desk accessories as presents is that your present will be well received, and inevitably, well used. Here are some gender specific gift ideas for your holiday gift giving:

Gift Ideas For Men

  • Customized Book Ends
  • Leather bound Journal
  • Valet Charging Station
Gift Ideas For Women

  • Artistic Paperweight
  • Lightly scented Potpourri
  • Customized artistic Pen Holder

No Desk? No Problem!

There are other kinds of gifts that would fall into the desk accessory category. There are those who are on their feet all day, perhaps as a cashier or a retail employee. An ideal gift for such a friend or loved one could be gel insoles for their feet, or a back brace would be the ideal gift.

Thinking outside the Cubicle

Sometimes in an office environment it’s appropriate to have some form of audio device. A small desk top CD player with small speakers is an ideal gift for the paper work riddled friend or loved one. Another idea would be computer accessories. A nice monitor stand (elevating the monitor so as to alleviate neck bending) or a gel wrist support for one’s computer mouse or a gel wrist pad for the computer keyboard is a very much welcomed and appreciated holiday gift.

Don’t forget to see out Editor’s Choice section for our favorite Christmas gifts this year.

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