Computer Hardware Gifts

Computer hardware can be hard to understand… but the need for it isn’t. For example, do you have a friend or loved one who has an old desktop that has valuable information on it? Then computer hardware could be the best Christmas gift they could get.

Too many photos on a computer? Too much music? Too many old files? Backing up valuable information is precisely the kind of gift anyone with a computer would want to receive because it allows for peace of mind. To that end, there are available devices that will help your friends and loved ones rest easier knowing their information is safe.

What’s the big deal? With the internet as popular as ever, and the many social networking sites, contracting a virus has never been easier. Couple that notion with a family computer where teenagers frequently download information, and with little or no regular maintenance is performed, odds are that a virus or other malware is already installed on that computer.


Portable External Hard Drives

While one could purchase an internal hard drive and transfer all the information from one hard drive to another, why not make it easier for everyone by getting a portable external hard drive? The ‘plug and play’ capability of these devices is truly unbelievable. Complete with directions, as well as install discs, this process is simply hassle free, even for the novice. It’s a good gift for the friend on your list who may not know much about computers but who uses them for everything.


Network Drives

Networking (connecting two or more computers) at home is on the rise, especially with computers having the ability to turn on lights, monitor the A/C, etc., all from one’s cell phone! For this reason, network drives come in handy for the home network. Again, network drives are like any other drives in a computer, but are for the device one happens to be in front of. For example, there may be a computer in the den, the kitchen, as well as the living room (considering SMART TV’s this is not so hard to consider). Network drives allow each computer to have an amount of space available on the network. This comes in handy if the teenagers download a lot of songs on the den computer, the husband downloads a lot of golf shows on the living room computer, and the wife downloads a lot of recipes on the kitchen computer.

For the computer enthusiast on your list an external drive is a welcomed gift that WILL, one way or the other, always get used.

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