Computer Accessories

Computers have become as commonplace as televisions these days. Most everyone has a computer, or uses a computer at work or at home. The notion of getting your friends or loved ones computer accessories or goodies has considerable merit.

Some very popular computer accessories can include but aren’t limited to:

  • Laptops & Netbooks
  • Microphone headset
  • Web Cam
  • Printer and Cartridges
  • Computer Accessories

For the business traveler, the portable printer has become very popular. Starting under $100, this compact printer easily fits in a carry-on bag. With online video services being offered for free, such as Skype, the use of a web cam and headset with microphone is an easy and inexpensive way to stay in touch with your loved ones while traveling or off at university. Both of these are great gift ideas for those who live far away.

Other very useful accessories to consider giving as holiday gifts are wireless items such as a wireless mouse, a wireless ergonomic keyboard or even a wireless printer. It really makes life easier to be wire free!

In addition to these devices, a very much welcomed gift are print cartridges. Rarely thought of, except when one runs out, print cartridges are small enough to fit nicely in a stocking!


Laptops, Netbooks and Tablets

In the very competitive world of the laptop, it’s easy to select just the right one at just the right price. In addition to the weight of the laptop (some are less than 5lbs.) being a concern, other concerns can include screen size, screen resolution and overall memory capacity.

Netbooks are another diminutive solution to being connected on the go. Half the size of a regular laptop, with the gusto of the fastest laptops, netbooks can easily fit in a large purse, are not very expensive, and the perfect gradient for those who want to “try” being mobile.

Tablets are gaining in popularity too. The size of piece of paper, without a mouse or keyboard, this portable ‘office’ is an easy to take along and is as easy to use as a laptop. Tablets have a dual use in that parents can easily play DVD movies for the kid while traveling; which almost justifies the pricy price tag.



Some computer goodies to consider giving as stocking stuffers could be cord managers, devices that hold all the various computer cords as one. This gift is ideal for dorm rooms, or for teenagers who have computers in small spaces. Other goodies could include printer stands, monitor stands, foot rests (for under the desk), desk lamps and don’t forget the cleaning supplies!

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