Posts Tagged "boss" Christmas Shopping vs. Our Economy Christmas Shopping vs. Our Economy

With today’s economy, who has the time, money or desire to shop for Christmas gifts anymore? As a kid, Christmas shopping was fun. You bought presents for your family and your best friends, usually on your parent’s dime. But in this day and age, I feel like I have got to get a Christmas gift to every person that I came in contact with over the year. The office wants to have a... Great Last Minute Gifts Great Last Minute Gifts

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Chances are, you are thinking, “Nah… it is only July! I have TONS of time to do my Christmas shopping!” But the months go by fast. Come November fifteenth, you will be thinking, “Hey, Thanksgiving is not even here yet! I have over a month left to buy Christmas gifts!” Then, December fourth. “I still have a few weeks left. My Christmas...

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